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Additive Analysis

Authentication of Natural Vanilla Extract

For authentication of natural vanilla extract, KFL offers a service which includes the following analyses:




Carbon SIRA* of Vanillin (total)


Isolation of Vanillin


Lead Number




P-hydroxybenzoic acid




Vanillic acid



Results of these analyses are interpreted in relation to our extensive database of authentic vanilla extract compositional data. Results of Vanilla Flavor Profile, Isolation of Vanillin and Carbon SIRA* of Vanillin are used to evaluate whether the product is actually made from vanilla beans or if it is largely from artificial sources. Mislabelling of artificial vanilla flavor as natural vanilla extract is a common problem.

Additional analyses for vanilla include:


Alcohol (GC, Pycnometer)


Carbon SIRA* of Vanillin (methyl)


Carbon SIRA* (12C/13C) of Vanillin (carbonyl)




Ethyl Vanillin


Hydrogen SIRA* (H/D) of Vanillin


Moisture of Vanilla Beans


Piperonal (heliotropin)


Preparation of Authentic Vanilla Extract


Radiocarbon Activity (14C) of Vanillin


Solids (vacuum oven)


Vanilla Acid Profile


Vanilla Flavor Profile)


Vanilla Resins)


Vanillin (spectrophotometer).

Coumarin and piperonal, which are common adulterants, are not a permitted food additives under US food law.

*stable isotope ratio analysis

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