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Analysis of Fruit Juices & Beverages    Authenticity Analysis 
  Composition of Sweet Cherry Juice 
  Composition of Pomegranate Juice 
  Detection of Fraudulent and Mislabeled Fruit Juices 
  Measurement of Fruit Juice Solids Content 

Fat & Oil Analysis


Fat and Oil Analysis


Flavor, Fragrance & Spice Analysis 


Detection of Synthetic Substances by Radiocarbon (14C) Analysis 


Off-Flavor and Defect Analysis


Vanilla Extract Authenticity 


Food Additive

  Vanilla Extract Authenticity 
Microbiological Analysis & Food Sanitation    

Acidophilic Thermophilic Bacillus (Alicyclobacillus) 


Massachusetts Certified Dairy Analysis 

Nutritional Analysis   

Nutritional Labeling 

Pesticide Screen and
Residue Analysis

Pesticide Screens and Single Residues 

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