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Fruit Juice Authenticity Analysis

Detection of Fraudulent and Mislabeled Juices

The low cost of sugar and other nutritive sweeteners relative to that of most fruit juices provides an incentive for unscrupulous producers to substitute sugar for juice solids in commercial fruit juice products. These sweeteners may include sugar and invert sugar from sugar cane and sugar beet sources, as well as hydrolysis syrups produced from corn starch and other sources of starch, inulin and other polysaccharides. This type of fraud in the fruit juice trade has been a major problem for many years.

Some fruit juices, such as white grape juice or pear juice, are sufficiently inexpensive that they too have been used to improperly extend more valuable juices. Krueger Food Laboratories has been in the forefront of developing analytical means for the detection of this type of adulteration.



Carbon Stable Isotope Ratio Analysis 

Oligosaccharide Analysis 

Mineral Analysis 

Sugar and Sorbitol Analysis 

Organic Acid Analysis 

Anthocyanin Pigment Analysis 

Phenolic Analysis 

Amino Acids Analysis 

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