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Nutritional Analysis

Nutritional Labeling

The Nutrition Labeling Education Act (NLEA) was signed into law on January 6, 1993 and became mandatory for non-exempt food products on May 8, 1994. Primarily designed to establish a consistent format for all prepared and packaged food providers, it requires compliance regarding nutrient content and claims, label format, ingredient statements, intake values, and more. Compliance is mandatory, with some exceptions, for most food suppliers, manufacturers, importers, food service operations making nutrient or health claims, etc.

On May 27, 2016, the FDA published final rules on the new Nutrition Facts Label. The revised label rules become mandatory for most food product manufacturers as of January 1, 2020.

KFL's Complete FDA/NLEA Nutritional Labeling Package provides results for all mandatory analyses needed to produce compliant Nutrition Facts panels for new food products, product reformulations, imported food products, private label manufacturers, etc. The package consists of:

  Calories from Fat
  Total Fat
  Saturated Fat
  Trans Fat

  Total Carbohydrate
  Dietary Fiber
  Vitamin D

  Label Preparation (rounding, % daily value, label mock-up)
  Sample Compositing and Homogenizing
Custom label formats, e.g. for nutritional supplements, and food label consultation are also available. Please inquire.

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