Analytical Services For The Food Industry

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Flavor, Fragrance and Spice Analysis

Krueger Food Laboratories provides a number of analytical services in the area of flavor and fragrance analysis. These include significantly the following areas:

GC-MS and other analyses of flavor and fragrance formulations. Such analyses are useful to our clients in support of quality assurance and regulatory problems, as well as in support of efforts to formulate or duplicate flavor and fragrance products.

Evaluation of flavor and fragrance chemicals and essential oils for purity, quality and conformity to specifications or to standards such as the Food Chemicals Codex, etc.

Differentiation of "natural" flavor chemicals and essential oils from synthetic or adulterated materials. 

Examination of products with off-flavor and off-odor problems in support of product defect investigations. 

We will be happy to provide any additional information regarding particular projects. Of course, all of our client work is strictly confidential. To make use of our service, contact our lab.

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